Modern Chair Repair

Chair Restoration Services

Vidar's Chair - Top View of SeatWhile chairs may be surprisingly durable, age and abuse can take a significant toll. Chairs are also notoriously difficult to repair. In addition to the design and construction of fine furniture, Paul Andrews provides comprehensive chair restoration services for pieces requiring repair. The studio works for clients on all types of seating, but specializes in mid-century modern and Danish chairs. Work may include repair of joinery, re-surfacing, re-finishing, slip-seat upholstery, and seat weaving.

photo33smIf you have chairs that no longer look or function as they once did, please contact the studio to discuss the possibility of restoring those pieces to their original beauty.




Seat Weaving

Aronson - Weaving DetailChair seat weaving is a craft with a long history that enjoys a growing popularity today due to renewed interest in long-term sustainability and environmentally friendly construction practices. The techniques and materials employed by seat weavers have changed very little over the years, and modern industrial fabrication methods simply cannot duplicate the effect of a hand-woven seat. All weaving for the studio is done in-house using Danish paper cord, fiber rush, Shaker tape, and various forms of cotton or synthetic.


In some cases, it may be possible to re-weave a seat using a Shaker-77different material from the original, and this offers the opportunity to add a splash of color that brings interest to a room or complements an existing style. As an example, Shaker tape and other forms of cotton webbing may be woven in a variety of patterns, and colors may be mixed to achieve a checkerboard or herringbone weave. Whatever style you might be after, Paul will be able to to assist in bringing your desired look to fruition. Please contact the studio to explore the possibilities.